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HKColocation dedicated server offer direct connection to China with 200% more bandwidth than the competition. Direct China means a better quality network, top performance, and ultimately faster websites to Mainland China.


  • E3-1230v2 SUPERMICRO
  • 8GB memory 500G HDD
  • Unmeter bandwidth
  • BGP supported
  • CN2 Direct route


  • E3-1230v2 SUPERMICRO
  • 8GB memory 500G HDD
  • Unmeter bandwidth
  • BGP supported
  • 1G Port


  • XEON L3406
  • 8G memory 500G
  • Unmeter bandwidth
  • BGP supported
  • 100M Port

Dedicated Servers

Server CPU RAM HDD Bandwidth Price
China-Direct E3-1230v2 SUPERMICRO 8GB ECC 500G BGP Unmeter US$280 ORDER NOW
Steel E3-1230v2 SUPERMICRO 8GB ECC 500G BGP Unmeter US$250 ORDER NOW
Silver Xeon L3406 8G DDR3 500G BGP Unmeter US$230 ORDER NOW

Data Center

HKColocation Limited has a fully owned data centre. All of our servers are fully redundant power and secure access. We have more than 10,000 Sq feet for our dedicated server hosting and we can offer from 1U to 42U rack-sapce at our data centre.

We can offer you a Layer 2 network across our Hong Kong Data Centres from 100Mbps to 10Gbps.

YL-1 Data Center Specifications

  • UPS: 2 x 30 kVA with 60 minutes backup time
  • Generator: 2 x Generator Capacity feed to our UPS system
  • Power Feed: Three Phase power feed from local electrical network
  • Telco: 6 Telco network available access into our data center
  • Standard Fire Suppression System
  • Remote MMR with major PoP site in Hong Kong
  • 24x365 hours security duty
  • 24x365 Facility staff on-site
  • 3 Minutes access from Metro railway (MTR) station

Telecom loop provider available:

  1. PCCW
  2. HGC
  3. Wharf T&T
  4. New World Telecom
  5. Town Gas Telecom
  6. Traxcomm


  • Multiple backbone connections
  • Private network and Public network provided for each servers
  • Dedicated 1Gbit public & private port
  • Premium Cisco platforms

Advantages of our Network Infrastructure Design:

Network Edge Switching: Our global network: Our new 10GE backbone has been launched and connected with major ISP and network in Asia. We are the first Dedicated Server provider in Asia to offer 10G High speed pipe.

Core Routing: Multi-Giga uplinks and Ten-Giga uplinks is ready. We are connected with China Telecom, Hurricane Electric, HKIX, and over 30+ networking peering partners.

Global Layer2 network: Our layer2 network is separated to multiple segments. All of our customer servers are supported “v-Rack”, that`s mean customer servers can connected one the same VLAN segment for private and public network. “v-Rack” is supported across our Hong-Kong and other Asia data centre.


We provide a true automation provisioning and server configure panel for our customers. Customers could remap IP address, dedicated VLAN for their private network.

Dedicated Server Backups

We provide a free private Giga network interface port to all our Supermicro servers. Customers can keep a live backup of their important data & files through our private local area network. Customers can order a storage FTP server or secondary backup server to keep their server up to date.

Backup private network:


Load Balance

We provide stable DNS load balance to our dedicated servers. Our DNS located in different country (Hong Kong, Singapore) which is providing continuous DNS request of the public internet. Our DNS load balance can be easily deploy at any dedicated server.