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HKColocation are the Asia`s leading and certificated VMware Service Provider (VSP) by VMWare to providing virtual data center hosting service. From single virtual machines to dedicated private clouds, HKColcoation delivers a high level and cost effective cloud hosting solution.

VMware Hosting Provider

The HKColocation Cloud build up by VMware technology, allowing you to add more servers or resources instantly. Your whole data will host in your own private cloud and protected on our Layer2 and Layer3 infrastructure (Routing Network and Hardware). Inside your own cloud, you can relocate your servers inside our network.

A real cloud for your business

Our cloud available in multiple country across Singapore, Hong Kong and Greater Europe. Our vSphere 5.1 clusters are built on the very lastest Supermico servers with 10G iSCSI storage on enterprise SAN units with RAID configured. We commit 100% uptime guarantee are included as standard.

The HKColocation Cloud has the scale, performance and security to meet all of your organization`s needs.

Direct Benefits. Lower Cost.

By moving your server into HKColocation Cloud, you can leverage all the benefits of an enterprise class infrastructure. Our cloud can help you put down the costs and easily focus on your business growth.

Cross Country v-motion

HKColocation Cloud offer cross country replication service between Hong Kong and Singapore. Your critical data can be transfer or replicate within our cloud network (build by our own Layer3 network). Our leading cross-country v-motion service, you can by-pass your server between HK - Singapore within any big downtime.

Scalable hosting

Dedicated CPU RAM Storage Bandwidth
1.2Ghz to 14.4Ghz 376MB to 4512MB 10GB to 120GB 3TB to 36TB


Cross country v-motion


By using our v-motion, you can relocation your servers between Hong Kong and Singapore without big down time.

Data center migration or consolidation: Migrate applications from one data center to another without business downtime as part of a data center migration or consolidation effort.

Data center expansion: Migrate virtual machines to a secondary data center as part of data center expansion to address power, cooling, and space constraints in the primary data center.

Private cloud infrastructure

Our high speed TenGiga network

Our multi-homed with Cisco network gear designed 100% resilient and fully scalable. Our core network is deployed in an N+2 10Gb configuration. It means failures of network gear like routers, switches or interconnects have zero impact.

IPv6 Enabled

The HKColocation network is fully support IPv6.

All Cisco Hardware

Our network is built by Cisco routers and switches. This gives us benefits in terms of reliability, interoperability and redundancy.


Cloud Backups

We provide a free private Giga network interface port to cloud. Customers can keep a live backup of their important data & files through our private local area network. Customers can order a storage FTP server or secondary backup server to keep their server up to date.

Backup private network:


Private deployment

5 Minutes to setup

You can grow your servers by only click a few button. By using HKColocation Cloud, you can setup your server in your private cloud within 5 minutes.

Simple Management Interface

Automatic load balancing and auto-scaling, storage management and much more.

On Demand hardware

Unlimited CPU resource, storage space, memory and IP address to help you develop unlimited scale of servers, which is not available to get from your dedicated servers.

Software Library

Choose from our ISO library of over 100 OS and apps settings.

Private network

You can mirror your servers by using our private network. FREE of charge with fully Giga interface Ethernet.